Training Choir


After the basic foundation course, the boys can continue to the training choir of the Roden Boys’ Choir. Here the boys work on the development of musical imagination or conception and making music together as a group.  In this second educational year, many English language music pieces are studied.  Lessons, focussed on development of good singing technique, solfa or music theory and rhythm development are also continued.

Continuing on from the training choir, talented boys can proceed to the Roden Boys’ Choir after a bridging period of three to five months.   Boys in the concert choir are also offered the opportunity to receive solo performance lessons.  Although not every boy will become a professional singer, learning how best to handle the unique instrument that is the voice is of great value.

Give your son the chance to:

discover the possibilities of his voice

learn to use their speaking voice optimally

discover and develop his own musicality

take pleasure in making music together with others

take lessons from skilled music teachers

be moulded in working with other children

create self-confidence

acquaint themselves with the great musical works of our Western culture

obtain stage experience

gain unforgettable impressions

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