Foundation Roden Boys Choir

The foundation was set up in April 2018. It is the legal entity of the Roden Boys’ Choir its advocate. The foundation’s mission is to introduce children, youths, young adults and adults to classical music in general and choral song in particular. Quality is key therein! The Roden Boys’ Choir strives to be distinctive, developmentally focused and to work together with great commitment from parents and others.

Quality is key

The Roden Boys Choir aims to achieve at least a semi-professional level of practicing music. We wish to thereby give talented boys the opportunity to develop themselves optimally musically. They should be able to move on to the Conservatory without any problems. To maintain this high level of quality, much energy is put into recruitment and schooling of boys.


The Roden Boys Choir distinguishes itself by adhering to the Anglican tradition. Roden Boys Choir is built up according to British example. The British tradition becomes visible through its repertoire, sound build-up of the choir, presentation and style. To be able to hold on to and nourish this tradition, we maintain as many contacts as possible with British colleagues and take concert trips to the United Kingdom. In addition to the Anglican tradition we also work with classical genres on a broader scale, amongst which is, of course, the Matthew Passion.

Developmental Focus

The conductor, Rintje te Wies, has developed his own programme for musical education. This optimally allows us to give young boys a solid base, to enable them to develop their musical talent in full.


The Roden Boys Choir attaches a lot of value to the mutual involvement of choir members and their parents. This allows us to create a safe environment in which talent can flourish. The leadership and the parents – professionals and volunteers, work closely together to achieve this. A development which we continuously nourish. In addition, we aim for involvement of audiences and the press, sponsors and donors. Cooperation forms the foundation for the success of the myriad of tasks within the Roden Boys Choir foundation.

Board and day-to-day leadership

Chair: Chris Beuker
Treasurer: Henk Stoel
Secretary: Laura de Haas-Rietveld
Member: Rintje te Wies Email
Commercial leader: Ina Mulder Email