The Roden Boys' Choir has an extensive training programme, containing the following steps:

Taster sessions: Boys between the ages of 6 and 10 can follow five taster sessions, which are regularly offered as a mini course in Groningen and Nieuw Roden. Attending taster sessions first is not mandatory. Boys can also directly join in the Cimbalom Classes. Read more.

Cimbalom Pupils: New choir members start in the cimbalom pupils’ class where they follow the method Een Leven Lang Zingen (A lifetime of singing).  This method includes playing a cimbalom, general music education and singing lessons for the duration of about a year. Read more.

Training Choir After the cimbalom pupils’ class, the boys continue on to the training choir, where they learn to sing in a choral environment and gain their first concert experiences. Read more.

Probationer:  For their next step, the boys are assimilated into the concert choir.  After an intensive vocal training, they can then audition for the concert choir. Read more.

Concert Choir: As a member of this choir, you sing all concerts and evensongs. Read more.

Men: After and sometimes during the voice breaking period, young men may join the men as alt (counter-tenor), tenor, baritone or bass. Read more.