Artistic direction

Rintje te Wies - choirmaster

Rintje Albert te Wies (b. 1958) studied at the ‘Stedelijk Conservatorium’ in Groningen, The Netherlands.  Alongside his study of Music Education he studied piano with, amongst others, Gerben Makkes van der Deyl and Kars Westers.  He took classes in Choral Conducting and Music Theory with Cees Rotteveel and Rein Ferwerda respectively.


He is the artistic director of the Stichting Koorschool Noord Nederland (The Foundation for the Choir School of the Northern Netherlands) and is conductor of the Roden Boys Choir.  Since May 2012 he is also artistic director and conductor of the Kampen Boys Choir.  The first edition of his teaching method for young singers, ‘From C to C’, appeared in 2007.  The second edition, further developed with his colleague Sonja de Vries, will appear in 2014.

Sietze de Vries - organist

'Making music from inner projections and his own creativity' encapsulates the motto of organ player and church musician Sietze de Vries (b. 1973).  Improvisation as a field of study and thus a learnable process is his focus.  The collection of historical organs of the Netherlands, and in particular that of the province of Groningen, form an unending source of inspiration to him.


Sietze de Vries received his professional education from amongst others: Wim van Beek, Jan Jongepier and Jos van der Kooy.  He obtained his Bachelor of Music Education at the Groningen Conservatory and his Masters in Music Performance and Improvisation at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. At the Hogeschool in Alkmaar (Alkmaar School of Church Music) he graduated as a Church Musician with the Competency Declaration 1.  

In the period 1987-2002 he won 15 prizes at various national and international organ competitions, both in the area of repertoire and that of improvisation.  The pinnacle of that period was winning the International Improvisation Competition in Haarlem in 2002, at which he had also reached the finals twice previously.

Sonja de Vries - musical education / choirmaster of the Roden Girl Choristers

Sonja de Vries studied organ, piano and harpsichord at the University of Stellenbosch, South  Africa.  In 2002 she attained the highest qualification for organ (Voordraerslisensiaat) at the University of South Africa and in 2003 the Music Performance Diploma (Masters) at the University of Stellenbosch, both with Honours.  In the Netherlands she continued her organ studies with Theo Jelleam at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen.


In South Africa she was active as a singer and accompanist with the national youth choir Pro Cantu, which won fourth place at the International Choir Olympics in Linz (Austria) in 2000.  From 2004 to 2008 she sang with the ‘small choir’ Focaliber, which won first prize at the Northern Netherlands Choir Festival.


Since March 2008 Sonja has been working with the Stichting Koorschool Noord Nederland (The Foundation for the Choir School of the Northern Netherlands) where she directs the training of the Roden Girl Choristers and the Roden Boys Choir. She has been the artistic director of the Roden Girl Choristers since september 2008.